3 mind-blowing facts why milk is so attractive to cats?

Why do cats love milk

Cats love milk because from birth their mother gives their kittens milk. Because of their good instinct, milk remains a familiar and beloved sweetness for them, they like the taste of milk. Another reason why cats love milk and dairy products is that their owner eats them. They can feel the smell of milk in dairy products and want to try it. You can read in more detail in the article. Hope it will be useful for you:)

Milk and dairy products have been considered the main part of human nutrition since ancient times. People consume milk or dairy products (cheese, sour cream, yogurt) almost every day. Milk is very healthy, it is an excellent source of protein, it also contains vitamins (A, B, C, D), magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. In ancient Egypt, women took a bath from milk and this was considered their ritual of beauty and health. Milk and dairy products are loved by many people and not only people... Our meowing friends: cats are also very fond of milk. Some people wonder why cats love milk so much. Let’s consider the interesting reasons together :)

Their instincts: Cats have a very well-developed instinct. And because kittens are given milk from childhood, it is the first thing that they try in life. Milk will forever remain one of the favorite delicacies of their life. Some kittens who grew up without their mothers do not receive breast milk, but they are given pasteurized milk to strengthen their bodies. Therefore, for cats, milk is something familiar, something that they have already tested and loved.

What people prefer to eat: If you love milk and dairy products and you always have sour cream or cheese in your house, then don’t be surprised why your cat loves what you like to eat. The fact is that cats are constantly striving to try what people eat in the house. And if the cat even accidentally tasted sour cream and liked it, then a cat will ask for sour cream again and again as long as you consume it in front of the cat. Cats have very well-developed not only instincts but also flair. Their sense of smell is great. Since dairy products that people eat contain milk, the cat smells the same milk in a dairy product and of course, wants to try.

They like the taste of milk: If cats are given the opportunity, they will give up water altogether and will only drink milk. Because milk contains adherent fats. Cats are very fond of milk and yogurt. They seem to feel the taste without trying, because of their abilities to smell and feel.

Can milk be given to all cats?

Even though many cats are drawn to milk, not all of them can be given milk. When kittens are small their body works differently, when they get older the body begins to lose its abilities. Where are we heading? So let’s first analyze the composition of milk again. In addition to all vitamins and minerals, milk contains a large amount of lactose. Now, back to the abilities of the cat’s organism. When cats are small they have an excellent ability to digest lactose. That is why kittens consume milk and receive only benefit from it and no harm. However, when cats grow up, especially closer to old age they lose their ability to digest lactose, and since milk contains lactose, it leads to many diseases. When a large amount of lactose enters the cat’s body, it leads to: Diarrhea, Stomach problems, Hair loss, Obesity

Therefore, although cats love milk, you shouldn't give it every day. This does not mean eliminating milk from the diet of adult cats forever, but also not giving milk too often to avoid health problems.

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