Why do cats like fish?


Many fish lovers do not know that it is not only tasty but also very useful for the body. Fish is rich in minerals and elements. It contains calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, iodine, molybdenum, fluorine, bromine– these all are significant microelements. Fish is loved not only by people but also by our cats, so what attracts cats to fish? There are several interesting reasons why cats want to try fish:)

Why is fish attractive to cats?

To begin with, cats have a very good sense of smell. Their sense of smell is 14 times stronger than humans. And they can sense even the slightest odors. The fish has a very attractive aroma that the cat can easily recognize. Boiled, fresh, fried or even frozen fish has a very persistent smell, which attracts cats as they are predators by nature. Many cats cannot indifferently pass by this attractive smell and want to try it. Cats love fish not only because of its smell but also its pleasant taste. Another reason why cats are attracted to fish besides taste and smell is their hunter instinct. Did you know that it is much easier for cats to catch a fish than a mouse? Many cats are afraid of water, however, when it comes to fish, they can try and catch even the large one. This instinct is embedded in them from birth. For example, for wild cats in open nature, their hunter’s instinct and the gift of smell helps to survive. Domestic cats have a different lifestyle and don’t need to hunt, but they also have this instinct, which sometimes makes itself felt.

Why is fish good for cats?

When cats want to eat something from the human table, it causes concern. Because cats cannot digest everything that humans can and many products lead to diarrhea and stomach problems. But good news, this does not apply to fish. Fish can be given to cats it is even very useful for them. Fish contains many useful nutrients. It contains protein, which is very necessary for the cat's body. Protein provides life energy for cats and strengthens their immune system. The protein found in fish is much easier to digest than in meat. Fish also contains the amino acid – taurine, which is also important for maintaining good cat health. Taurine helps to maintain good vision, digestive and reproductive systems and even controls heart rate. One more important reason why fish is good for cats is that it contains Omega acids and vitamins A, D, E. Omega acids keep the coat shiny and protect against diseases such as asthma and cancer. Vitamin A is needed by cats to strengthen immunity and growth. This vitamin is especially important for kittens and pregnant cats. Vitamin D is needed to shape and strengthen bone tissue. Vitamin E is necessary for the cat's reproductive system and for keeping the coat in a good and healthy condition. Therefore, you can add fish to the cat’s diet, because it has beneficial properties.

How often can fish be given to cats?

If you want to give your cat natural foods and include fish in their diet, then it is best to give it 2-3 times a week and not more than it. Although fish has many beneficial substances, it also contains mercury. Excessive consumption of fish can lead to hyperthyroidism and urinary diseases.

There are a few rules, which you should follow when giving fish:
  • Fish contains little, thin bones, which need to be cleaned in advance so that they do not damage the mouth and stomach.
  • Do not give raw fish, as the cat can become infected with parasites.
  • Sea fish contains a lot of salt, so an excess of such fish can lead to kidney disease. It is better to give slightly salted fish (hake, trout, sardines, herring, anchovies).
  • It is advised not to give fried fish, better to boil it.