Where to buy a Black maine coon kitten?

Here are the options where you can look for a black kitten Maine coon:

Country Of Residence Maine Coon Breeders Contact Website
Canada: Quebec MAINECOOL France Coolidge www.mainecool.com
Canada: Quebec MISSMAINECOON Marie-Lou Garand www.missmainecoon.com
Canada: Ontaio NEWCHOICE Olga Zakharova britkittens.wixsite.com/newchoicemainecoon
France VANDOLL Vanessa Brice www.facebook.com/vandoll.ragdoll
Germany ARISTOPEARLS Raphaela Kik www.aristopearls.com
Germany CHAFERVALLEY Alena Zivkov www.chafervalley.de
Poland FURORPOETICUS Elzbieta Kaczak-Koscianczuk www.furorpoeticus.pl
Spain KIMZKOONZ Kim Parrott www.kimzkoonz.com
United Kingdom GREYTUONO Chloe Mould www.pets4homes.co.uk/users/Greytuonocoons
United Kingdom JAZZCATZS Debra Turner Jazzcatzs.uk
United Kingdom MAJESTICOON Lucille Clarke-Smith www.majesticoon.com
United Kingdom RUDYCATS Jessica Beckwith www.rudycats.co.uk
USA: Arkansas METATRONEYES Christina Maraziotis www.metatroneyes.com
USA: California FIVESTARSZ Svitlana Revenko www.fivestarszmainecoon.com
USA: Colerado COMAINECOONS Katerina Evers & Jaclyn Bowlin www.coloradomainecoons.com
USA: Colerado MATROSKIN Alicia Karpov matroskinmainecooncats.com

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Black cat is the best luck. I hope you will find one!

Black maine coon

Black Maine coon is a breed that originates from the United States of America, state Maine, where the name of the breed itself is taken from. The name "Maine Coon" consists of two words. The first is the name of the state of Maine, and the second is derived from the English “racсoon”. It is also the official symbol of Maine.

It is not only their appearance that makes the Maine Coon a very popular cat, but also their fine character. The "gentle giant" has truly earned his nickname. At the same time, the cats with their fluffy, half-length fur are also very playful and sociable.

The Coonie - as the Maine Coon cat is also called - captivates with its friendly, lovable character, the low, high voice and its unobtrusive manner.

She is not made to be alone at all. A Maine Coon needs a lot of closeness to humans and, if possible, to other cats. Keeping coonies in pairs is therefore a good idea. Socially and agreeably as they are, the Maine coon cat usually gets along with other cat breeds and animals without any problems.

Those who take in the Maine Coon as a kitten will have to be patient until they are fully grown and no longer behave like a youngster: Coonies need a full four years to reach their full size and become like an adult cat.