How to keep cats from scratching furniture?

Cats and furniture

Sometimes keeping cats becomes a problem when they disobey the rules and scratch the furniture of the house. But do not be discouraged and do not rush to scold or give away your cat. A good and correct solution can always be found. Cats are intelligent creatures and can be weaned from this bad habit. There are several proven methods to wean your cat quickly, you can try the method you like the most. But first, you need to know the reasons why cats scratch furniture to find the right solution:)

Reasons why cats scratch furniture?

Let's look at the reasons why cats like to scratch furniture. There are several important reasons why cats do it.

1) Mark territory

Some cats mark the furniture as their territory. All because cats have sinus glands on their paws, which have their specific smell. When cats scratch this smell remains on furniture and this is how they designate their territory.

2) Pull-up

If you noticed cats pull up very often. Scratching replaces pulling up. During the process of scratching, all muscles and even tendons are tightened, the whole body of the cat is tightened. For this reason, when cats need to pull themselves up, they scratch something instead.

3) The need to keep the claws in good condition

When cats scratch, the upward obsolete surface of the claw falls off and the claw takes on a healthy appearance. For cats, it is like caring for their claws. As people go for a manicure, cats arrange for themselves a caring procedure.

4) To relieve stress

Animals also have a bad mood sometimes or even stress. In moments of stress, cats want to scratch something. All because scratching brings cats pleasure and raises their mood. The main thing at the moment of stress is not to fall under the claws of a cat;)

How to wean a cat so it doesn't scratch furniture?

After you know the reasons, we can move on to solutions to the problem. To wean a cat from scratching the furniture you need to be patient. All cats are different and all take a different time to stop scratching. It can take approximately 7-10 days. There are several methods, let's move on to them.

1) Cut the claws of the cat

The most optimal and right way is to cut their claws. Because cats often scratch not only our favorite furniture but also people. Cat lovers are easily recognizable by scratches on their hands. So the best solution is to cut the claws. In order not to harm the cat, you can contact the veterinarian to do it carefully. But if you can do it yourself, then it's your choice. Then the cat will not be able to scratch the furniture, even with a great desire. If you do not want to cut their claws, then there are other methods, which can be useful.

2) Psychological impact

Psychology has a great influence not only on people but also on cats. Cats understand when they are praised, and when they are scolded. Every time a cat wants to scratch furniture, say “you can’t do that”. In other words, scold a cat for obscene behavior. Then the cat will understand that you are angry and over time it can stop scratching, so as not to upset you. You just need to tell the car “DO NOT” loudly every time, so that the cat will pay attention to you and change its mind about scratching.

3) Splashing furniture with water

Cats do not like water, if you spray furniture with water it will give them unpleasant sensations while scratching. And because of these unpleasant sensations, they will not touch the furniture. It is not necessary to spray all the furniture. Spray with water in the places where the cat usually sits.

4) Make sticky surfaces

Cats don’t like sticky things. And if you stick the tape on the places that the cat usually scratches, then the cat will no longer touch these places. Stick the transparent double-sided tape on furniture touched by the cat, and the cat will not scratch there. After the cat weaned from this habit, the tape can be removed.

5) Buy cat toys

Scratching the sofa or other furniture can only replace a toy that the cat can use for its purposes. You need to buy special toys that cats like to scratch. Usually, these toys are covered with dense material and high so that it is convenient for cats to use them.

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