How many lives do cats have?

Life of cats

Life is beautiful but unfortunately short. Every living creature has its specific cycle from birth to death. All people, animals, mammals, insects, and other creatures have a different life cycle. Concerning cats, there is a myth that they live 9 lives, but is it true? The correct answer is NO, but there are several reasons why this myth appeared and why even scientists think so.

How many lives do cats have?

Cats have one life, one cycle from birth to death. But why is there a myth that these mysterious creatures have 9 lives? There are reasons for everything, as well as for this assumption. It all started with ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, according to their beliefs (according to religion), they had 27 gods. Each god had his position. One of the main gods was the goddess Bastet, she was the goddess of love and joy. The Egyptians believed that she had the image of a cat. Because Bastet had to be reborn into an earthly form 9 times, everyone began to believe that cats also have 9 lives, that they can be reborn 9 times. This is the reason from the ancient mythology why people began to believe that cats be reborn, but there are also scientific reasons, many scientists have proved why one can believe the rebirth of cats.

1) Rumbling(meowing)

According to a study by scientists, meowing calms cats. This ability helps them in difficult moments. They seem to calm and heal themselves. Rumbling also helps them repair damaged cells in the body, not a bad ability, right? This is how cats cope with stress and save themselves when it is necessary to. The process of rumbling was called the process of self-healing and it has become one of the reasons why people believe that cats have few lives. But if your cat often purrs, do not think that the cat is always feeling bad. Cats also purr to show that they feel good. For example, when you stroke a cat, you can hear a rumbling sound.

2) Sense of balance

Did you know that cats can balance their body? When they fall, they deftly stand on all 4 paws and this saves them in difficult situations. This is such a wonderful superpower that cats have.

3) Quick adaptation

The abilities of cats can only be envied. They know how to adapt to any environment, all because of a good sense of instinct. If a domestic cat gets lost on the street, then the cat will surely find a way to survive.

But unfortunately, despite all these superpowers, cats have only one life, they cannot be reborn.

On average how long do cats live?

After we have discussed and learned that a car has only one life, we can move on to determining the life cycle of cats. Cats live on average from 2-18 years. External factors and living conditions also affect the length of their lifespan. Cats that live in houses(domestic) live longer due to the care of their owners, they don't have to survive in an open environment. But there are also exceptions, some cats live longer and some shorter. For example, one cat was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest cat, which lived for 30 years.

The lifespan of cats also depends on their breed. Some can live longer. Here a list of the longest living cats:

  • Siamese cat
  • Sphinx cat
  • Oriental (short hair) cat
  • Persian cat
  • Balinese cat
  • Burmese cat
  • Savannah cat

Is it true that sterilized cats live longer than unsterilized ones?

Yes, it is true. As we mentioned earlier, domestic cats live longer than feral cats. And domestic sterilized cats live longer than non-sterilized ones. All because pregnancy and childbirth have a certain burden on the cat’s body. They go through stressful periods during childbirth. Sterilized cats do not go through these trials (also joy) and this lengthens their lives. Due to sterilization, the hormones of cats are normalized and it helps to prevent many diseases. The life of a cat is extended by 2-3 years.