At what age is it easier to separate a kitten from the mother?

From the moment babies enter this world, they start to feel motherly love. Mom is the first and closest not only for human babies but also for animals. Kittens have a special bond with their mothers, so if you want to separate the kitten from the mother, you need to do it carefully and at the right time. In order not to injure the kitten, because it will affect the kitten's behavior towards the future family. The kitten will have fear. It will be difficult for the kitten to get along in the new home. The best time to separate a kitten from the mother is 5-6 weeks from its birth. Do not do it suddenly. For the first, you can separate for 2-3 hours by transferring the kitten to another room.

Also, advice, do not wean all kittens from the mother at the same time. Since she also has maternal instincts, love, affection. And the most important is that the mother cat must dry her milk, otherwise, health problems may begin.

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