7 things you didn't know about the black maine coon cat

Born In The USA: American Forest Cats

The sight of the feline fur bombs sometimes made people difficult to explain - it was rumored that the animals came from a cross between a domestic cat and a raccoon. That is of course biologically impossible. In truth, the animals come from America - namely (as the name suggests) from Maine. The state is located in the northeastern United States on the border with Canada and is known for its harsh climate.

Working Cat: Born to work

Today, many people refer to the Maine Coons as noble cats, but they have nothing to do with nobility: in their homeland they were real workhorses. They served as professional mouse hunters on the farms of the working class families. This also explains her special temperament.

Water on! No way, afraid of water

Do you remember the thing about the waterproof fur? Maine Coons are not at all afraid of the wet element. On the contrary, splashing around in the sink and flooding the water bowl mean lots of fun for the kitties. (Some candidates are even real lifeguards - I've had two hangovers who said every day that they had to put all their toys in the water bowl.

How many fingers do you see Polydactyly

Early representatives of the breed were often polydactyl: they had six or more toes per paw. It is believed that this mutation was able to prevail because it reinforced the snowshoe effect of the plush paws. This malformation does not occur in reputable breeding nowadays because it is not allowed according to the official breed standard.

Party People: Playful slobs

Active comrades instead of lively sofa cushions: Maine Coons remain playful into old age, are extremely social and like to do all sorts of nonsense with their people and their fellows. But that also means that they are not casual cats, because they do not like boredom at all. When they are lonely and under-challenged, they look for hobbies that both people and furniture suffer from. So, you'd better keep a Coonie busy and make sure they have company.

The elegance of a flour sack

"Cats are so elegant!" - therefore Maine Coons are unfortunately not cats. With the big paws, mishaps are inevitable when Scharwenzeln for trinkets and Co. on the living room cupboard, the long, bushy tail effortlessly clears half the coffee table in passing and if a Coonie wants to sleep, then he drops like a wet sack (also on your face should you be within reach). But it has the advantage that you keep the booth tidy - and you can still talk a cat butt in your face as a token of love.

Easier to care for than expected: Little undercoat

One look at a fur giant brand Maine Coon and this sentence won't be long in coming: "You have to brush them all day, right?" Real answer? No. Coonies are semi-long-haired cats with a thick outer coat, but little undercoat. The fur is therefore not particularly prone to matting. Of course, humans should support the change of coat, but fortunately hourly orgies with the brush are not possible.