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Can Cats Eat

Your Guide to Feline Safe Foods

Can Cats Eat Yogurt


When it comes to the foods, majority of the cats are little fussy. Most of the cat owners agree with this. Can cats eat yogurt? Are cats able to digest yogurt and its main ingredients? Lets find out.

Some cats will eat anything that is offered to them or whatever is in sight without waiting or warning. So, keep in mind that food habits are different for every cat. Cats are also very curious by nature, before  you have a chance to taste your pizza, your cat may lick it to find out. Maybe you are eating your favorite chocolate and without your knowledge your cat would have taken a big piece from it. Some cats like to taste whatever is in front of them and looks good, or they may just be inclined to take a bite because their owner is eating it.


Is Yogurt actually acceptable for your cats to eat?

Some owners branch out and feed their cat foods which are far from the list of acceptable cat foods. Cat owners want to get their cat try all the foods which they have on daily basis. But truth is majority of the cat owners have no idea on which are the best foods that are good for their cat. Regardless they just want them to try out everything, even though they are aware that they shouldn’t do this and it is not good for their cats. Many times cat owners enjoy spoiling their pets.

Cat owners must remember that they should always ask themselves the question question “can cats eat yogurt?” You should especially consider this if you do have a cat. Always consider, if the food you are giving your cat is suitable. Just because your cat enjoys the food does not mean that it should eat it or be given it. Majority of people like yogurt and they will be eating it on daily basis. Now the question is can they give  to yogurt to their cats.


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Is Yogurt a Food that Cats Can Eat?

Including salmon and tuna, cats want to taste everything which you try. Basically they have the tendency to lick and try things which are offered by you. So, if we must decide, yes physically they can eat yogurt as well. Since yogurts has an appealing odor, along with a creamy texture, and more than this, its delicious taste majority of the cats may like it. Once they taste this, they will start eating whenever you offer them. But always think is it good for them?


The  Truth about Cats and Yogurt

No, yogurt is not good for cats. Even though it is very common to give milk to cats and they love it, dairy products may not be good for them. Most of the dairy products are not healthy for cat’s digestive system. It can harm their  digestive system easily. Including cheese, most dairy products when given on regular basis, can be harmful for their health. This hard to believe, since newborn kittens just survive on milk and its nutritional value helps them grow. This may not be the same as they grow up. The main reason behind this is as kittens grow up, it is believed that they grow intolerance to lactose which is present in milk. Lactose will also be there in all the other dairy products like cheese and yogurt as well. So, these products can be harmful to their system, since they have already built intolerance to lactose.


Can Cats Digest Yogurt

When already there is intolerance present and you are trying out the same food, they may find it hard to fight. But when it comes to yogurt, it brings lot of healthy bacteria and its nutritional value is incomparable with other dairy products. So, some experts say that cats can have yogurts. But this may not be true for all the cats. Some cats may have capacity to digest this properly and some may not. So, try and choose the yogurts which you find to see if they are suitable for your pet. Do not try to feed your cat yogurts which are available locally especially with fruit flavors from local supermarket.


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Can Cats Eat All the Ingredients in Yogurt?


Even though we started keeping them as pets, cats are carnivorous animals by default. So, their body demands for nutrition which are present in meat products. Nutrients present in vegetables and dairy are comparatively have lesser importance for them. This is the reason when we choose high quality cat food, it will be based on meat. Majority of these products will offer many other ingredients but mainly nutrients which are based on meat.

So, technically speaking, it is ok to give yogurts for kittens, senior and adult cats. But make sure they do not have artificial sweeteners. The safer one is live culture yogurt. This will healthy for cats. Best suitable for the age where they are expecting lactose intolerance.

Like human beings other ingredients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and even healthy bacteria which are present in cats are highly beneficial for cats. But one must remember that if they are giving well balanced cat food, then there is no need to worry about these nutritional ingredients. Cat food will have all these which are necessary for their health.


Yogurt has vitamins for cats

cat and vegetables

Along with these cats foods which are available in many forms there are even cat supplements and cats vitamins available in the market. This is the reason just for nutritional value, there is no need to include yogurt in cat food since there are products available which are meant for them. But in case if you really wish to give them yogurt or they have started liking it, then, no need to worry. It will definitely help them. But always understand about your pet’s digestive system. If they have troubled digestive system, then it is not recommended to give these dairy products along with yogurt.


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It is really a bad idea to feed yogurt to lactose intolerant cats. Remember majority of the adult cats are lactose intolerant. Even if your cat is not lactose intolerant, it is not recommended to give yogurt as regular and dietary supplement. Cat should not start surviving on this food. Once in a while they can have a spoonful and that it.

The yogurts which you think are healthy, which are filled with nuts, fruit flavored, and delicious is just a taboo and cannot be good food for your kitten. This is because, whether it is artificial sweeteners or natural ones, cats body is never good in processing sweet. So, when we are having a bowl of yogurt, and we cannot think cat can digest the same. This is not true. Even a small amount can harm their digestion.

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