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Can Cats Eat

Your Guide to Feline Safe Foods

Can Cats Eat Spinach?


Can cats eat spinach? Spinach is a rich source of all vitamins and minerals. Introducing greens to your pet cats is an awesome means for a healthy diet plan. Spinach is a good option. However, if your cat has any kidney or urinary problems, then the vet advises avoiding spinach completely. Spinach has calcium oxalates and gathers as crystals in your cat’s urinary tract. Which as you guessed it is not a good thing.

Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. There is a misconception that cats are carnivorous and do not require vegetables. It is not entirley true. Spinach is a healthy form of food for cats but in small portions. In a short-term, it does not harm a cat. But if given frequently over a long time, it has the ability to affects a cat’s urinary tract for its volume calcium oxalate.


Why do cats like to chew spinach leaves

The cat digestive system is completely different from that of human beings. So it is highly recommended that cats do not eat too much human food. Since spinach is good for human beings, we tend to naturally think that it would be something that is alright to give to cats. You should check if your cat has any kidney disorders before allowing it to spinach. Typically a small amount of spinach in your cats daily diet will not harm it in any way though.


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Is Spinach harmful to Cats

Cat’s diet should be carefully monitored as to what food they are given and how they react to certain foods. Other dietary foods that are harmful to cats are Tuna, Onion, garlic, chives, milk and dairy products, alcohol, grapes, raisins, caffeine, chocolate, fat trimmings, bones, raw eggs, raw meat, raw fish, dog food, liver, excess unhealthy treats, yeast dough, human medicines. Occasional eating of beef and brown rice should be okay for your four legged friend. Always feed your cat with moderate food proportions so it does not cause them any harm. Other harmful food mentioned above affects their red blood cells, so it is to be totally avoided. Try checking with your vet what foods can  be given to your cat and what has to be avoided to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your pet cat.

Nutritional Value of spinach for cats

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable rich in nutrients, Spinach originated in  Ancient Persia. Later it spread to other countries and people began to recognize its use. Spinach is low in fat and it also has very low cholesterol. Spinach is famous all around the globe for its health benefits. It has a little source of fiber too. It is a rich source of most of the vitamins and minerals namely Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B. It is also a rich source of magnesium and manganese. It has iron, potassium and is calcium-dense. It has a low amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that are also found in fish and fish oils.


Can Cats Eat Spinach Leaves

If your pet cat has any issues in kidney, kindly avoid spinach completely from its diet. Since the cats are carnivorous the feline digestive tract is adapted for meat and flesh. However, it is advisable to also give your cat little vegetable in its daily diet. Green Leafy vegetables are safe for a cat’s diet. Spinach is definitely not toxic to cat’s health.


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Is Spinach Health for Cats

Spinach is nutrient dense and is a preferred food for most humans. Spinach is used in human food in salads, pasta and meat dish as well. Cat Owners must understand that added to meat flesh, they can also give vegetables to the cat’s diet in small quantities every now and then. Spinach if it is a favorite dish can also be given as a treat. Spinach is considered as a healthy vegetable to human beings but not to cats. Cats that are overweight are fed with spinach to maintain a healthy weight. It is a good treat to help your cat maintain her weight. But make sure your cat’s kidney and urinary tract are always healthy.



Excessive Spinach Can Lead to Kidney Stones for Cats

If your pet cat has kidney stones, then it might experience stomach pain quite often. Other symptoms include blood in urine, loss of appetite and energy. Your cat might avoid eating their daily food or leave a little bit extra on its tray due to stomach pain. Your cat may display excessive vomiting, if so take her to the vet immediately. She might have a mild or very high fever. She might pee frequently or suffer reduced urination at times, UTI is another common symptom. If you see any of the above-mentioned symptoms take her to the vet immediately. This is not treatable at home with any remedies.


Can Kittens be given Spinach?

The most common question is if the spinach can be fed to baby kittens. The answer is a no-no. Their digestive system is very delicate and in the process of development. Never test or try to spinach feed spinach to baby kittens. Kitten food can be purchased in any pet shops. It is advisable to add peas alone to kitten’s diet. If your cat is a first-time eater of Spinach, start with a very small amount. Afterward, check for her stools and symptoms if any.  Follow up if she has any vomiting of diarrhea. If she shows any of the two symptoms then stop giving spinach. Her digestive tract might not be fully developed yet.


Don’t make Spinach a part of your Cats Daily Diet

But even with these symptoms if she enjoys spinach, then you can occasionally give her Spinach as treat. Do not overfeed Spinach at any time. Also, avoid giving Spinach daily to your cat. There is always alternate food available for cats. Some of them are peas, broccoli, and lettuce. They are easy to digest and rich in almost the same nutrients found in Spinach. They do not contain calcium oxalate which is harmful to the kidney and urinary tract. Make sure you do not give Kale as an alternate to Spinach. Kale might cause anemia in cats.


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Spinach definitely aids in weight management. It is the best green leafy vegetable in the world. It is also seen in the cat food found in the pet food shops. But it can get complicated if you give it too much. Anything is good when eaten in moderate proportions. Also, make a note that raw spinach is safer than the cooked variation of Spinach. Keep the above points in mind before you feed your cat with healthy Spinach! Hopefully this article answers your question “Can cats eat spinach?”

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