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Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter? How dangerous can it be?


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Some cat owners may be anxious to understand the effects of peanut butter on their cat. However, if your cat has consumed a tiny bit of peanut butter you really shouldn’t work yourself up as it is probably not enough to cause it any harm. Peanut butter is mostly a combination of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and salt. Depending on the type of peanut butter it may consist of added sugar in order to give a sweetened taste. Cats are known as crab blind which means they don’t have the ability to taste sweet flavors. One of the main things that attract animals to peanut butter is the strong smell.  Felines are not affected by the aroma of peanut butter typically. Though, some cats may express interest in this treat. In this article we will answer the questions; can cats eat peanut butter? Is peanut butter safe for cats?

If your cat does end up getting into some of your peanut butter you shouldn’t stress over it. However, you should keep in mind that just because something isn’t toxic for your cats does not mean that its alright for them to eat on a daily basis. Cats should be eating foods that have high nutritional value for them. This can especially be true if they are battling any type of illness or disease.



How Much Peanut Butter Is Too Much For Cats?

Cats are naturally wired to consume massive amounts of protein and peanut butter contains ample amounts of it. Sadly peanut butter is also extremely high in fat which can be very detrimental to your cat if consumed in high quantities. If eaten in small quantities peanut butter should be perfectly safe your furry friend. The keyword here is small quantities, Cats bodies are not designed to eat peanuts or peanut butter so it should only be served sparingly as a treat.

Peanut Butter And Cat Obesity

Peanut butter is packed with fats and carbohydrates. And unlike our own bodies, the cat’s digestive system is not built to utilize or process extensive fat or carbohydrates. So frequently exposing your cat to peanut butter this could play an unhealthy factor in cats live possibly putting it at risk for health complications such as diabetes, liver disease or even a decreased lifespan. Feeding your cat on a consistent basis can lead to obesity.


Can Peanut Butter Be Dangerous For Cats?

Here is another factor that you should be aware of if you are occasionally feeding your cat peanut butter as a treat. Peanut Butter can be used in a plethora of different way. One way, in particular, is utilizing peanut butter to lure pest rodent into deadly traps. These traps can be either physical in the form of a rat spring trap or simply toxic and deceptive like in the form of deadly spiked peanut butter. These traps can be fatal for your cat if he ingested or gets stuck in them. As a pet owner, you should definitely be aware of this especially if you have an outdoor cat.

For this reason, most vets often warn cat owners (especially the ones who have outdoor cats) to avoid feeding cats with peanut butter. Having a pet cat that is used to the smell and taste of peanut butter increases the possibility of a potentially fatal accident. This is certainly not some that a pet owner desires for their cat. That said, is not recommended to give peanut butter to a cat, instead, stick to some proper cat food and cat treats from the pet store.



Can Cats Be Allergic to Peanuts?

A small percentage of the population is allergic to peanuts and therefore, of course, peanut butter. Cats aren’t exempted from this observation. As stated before, peanut butter should only be fed as a treat and in small quantities if you must. Your cat can have an allergic reaction to peanut butter so I do warn against feeding your cat peanut butter.

Symptoms of Peanut Allergy in Cats

Your cat may be allergic to peanuts if you suddenly begin to notice reactions like itching, swelling or/and sneezing.  Also if your cat experiences diarrhea and vomiting trying peanuts for the first time, it is possible that the digestive system is unable to digest peanut butter at all.

Keep in mind also that food allergies may sometimes take a while to develop. So peanut butter could be a potential allergen for cats not only in the case of offering it for the first time but also when it is consumed frequently.

Peanut Butter And Cat Diarrhea?

If your feline develops diarrhea after consuming peanut butter, you should stop feeding it immediately for up to 12 hours, also encourage your cat to drink plenty of fresh, clean water. This is because typically with these symptoms your cat will excrete an excess of liquids. This, in turn, would lead to dehydration. If none of the above helps and the cat’s diarrhea persists beyond a day, please consult your vet for further treatments options.

Do Cats Like Peanut Butter?

Just like their human counterparts every cat is unique and with unique personalities and has a different taste palate. Though some cats may reject peanut butter when offered, others will go beyond showing interest. Want to know if your cat is a peanut aficionado? Put a bit on the tip of your finger and see how your cat reacts.  Also, try not to be disappointed if your cat turns away or ignores the treat as they are unable to sweet flavors.


Final Thoughts on Can Cats Eat Peanut butter?

Cats like many other pets can be very timid. Typically cats won’t engage with something new unless it is a type of food.

You should always consider the dangers of feeding your cat something that isn’t a natural part of its diet. With peanut butter, there are many dangers that you should be aware of.

None the less using peanut butter as an occasional treat for your indoor cat should be fine.


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