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Best Cat Harness


Best Cat Harnesses – A cat harness is a great way to allow your cat to explore the world. Choosing the best cat harness for your cat can be extremely difficult. So we’ve decided to create a guide to walk you through the entire process. Cat harnesses are supposed to keep your cat safe but a poor one can leave them very uncomfortable or allow them to escape. This is why it’s so vital to select a cat harness that is not only applicable to your lifestyle but also your cat’s needs.


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The Best Cat Harness For No Escape

You should always try a cat harness inside before bringing your cat outside of the safety of your home. If it’s your cats first time wearing harness it’s always a good idea to allow them to get used to the harness before progressing to the next step which would be trying the harness on.

Introduce a harness to your cat’s environment before deciding to play harness on your cat. If the harness features any type of velcro it is a good idea to get your cat accustom to the sound of the harness opening and closing. Once your cat has grown somewhat comfortable to the harness give them a treat. Repeat these steps multiple times every day. After a week or so your cat should be used to the harness. Before bringing your cat outdoors your cat should absolutely comfortable walking in the harness.

A harness has the ability to change a cats life. By giving an indoor cat the chance to explore places that it may have otherwise never seen or been. A cat harness is sure to change your cat’s life by introducing a new level of exploration. Cats by nature are very curious creates

Cat Harness Reviews

Choosing a cat harness can be a difficult and long process. Until your cat has actually tried on a harness it is almost impossible to know how well it will work. Let’s take a look at what we think are some of the best cat harness available on the market today. We will outline the pros and cons of each harness to make your buying decision as easy as possible.


PUPTECK Escape Proof Cat Harness


This is a great option for cats of all sizes as you can order it in large, small or medium. What actually makes the harness special is that is advertised as escape proof which has been backed up by many owners. The harness highlights a mesh designed couple with Velcro to secure the openings. The PUPTECK is meant to be wrapped around both the neck and body of the cat. It utilizes a safety clip which is the main reason why it is actually escape proof. We found this harness secure and safe.

As always you should allow your cat to adjust to a new situation and the same is true for using a new cat harness. Be wary of adventuring into new places where you cat may feel uncomfortable or uneasy. If your cat is not comfortable this may induce heavy set panic.

Rating – 4.5/5



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Kitty Holster Cat Harness


The Kitty Holster is made of 100 percent cotton. The harness is not only secure but also extremely comfortable for cats. It comes equipped with a durable metal D-ring for you to attach your desired leash. The metal D-ring is positioned in the middle of the harness spreading the tension of the leash over its entire surface area. The kitty holster is strong, lightweight, breathable and washable coupled with an undyed lining making it great for all cats in any environment.

The holster comes in a number of colors including, tiger skin, black and red bandanna. As with many other harnesses, the Kitty Holster comes equipped with pet strength velcro, making it easily adjustable as well as removable. Many cats love the way this harness feels, it can be a great solution for cats that like to escape and aren’t use to adventuring outside their homes yet.

The Kitty Holster is available in four sizes, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Offering a wide selection of sizes you can be sure that they will have one that will fit your cat.


Rating – 4.5/5



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Puppia Neon Soft Harness

cat harness

Puppia Authentic Neon Harness manages to combine two types of harnesses into one unique item. It is a combination of a strap harness as well as a vest harness. Unlike the previous vest on this list, the Puppia Neon Harness is actually a very minimal vest as you can see. It is not as thick and secure as a classic vest but it is not as slim and loose as a typical strap type harness.

It features a large chest section that allows pressure from the leash to be evenly distributed across the cats entire body. Furthermore, it is 100% machine washable and has a buckle that allows you to remove it from your cat rather quickly. One key factor to highlight about this harness is that the neck is not adjustable at all. This could possibly allow your cat to escape more easily. With this harness, it is imperative that you pick the correct sizing as you won’t be able to adjust the neck.


This harness is made of 100% polyester and has a very sporty design. This is different from many other harnesses that have velcro in place. Even though the neck is not adjustable on this harness it extra is padded which should be comfortable for your cat. We would recommend this harness for cats that are definitely used to being outside but are still very adventurous and daring.


Rating – 4.0/5



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The Come With Me Kitty Harness

The come with me kitty harness is a special one on this list. This specific harness utilizes a patented bungee design to give you effortless control of your cat. This also ensures that your cat has ample freedom to roam around without allowing it out of your sight. The length is approximately 4 feet but the rope can extend as far as 6 feet when it is fully stretch out.

The harness is said to cradle the body of your cat thus eliminating pressure that is usually placed on a felines neck when wearing a collar or harness. One great feature is that it is completely adjustable, the sternum can be adjusted to your cat’s body. It also features two adjustment areas on the girth strap that fits across your cat’s body.

The smallest size is actually able to fit small kitten giving this harness an advantage over the other on this list. You may not want to bring your kitten outside yet but this harness can give your kitten the chance to get acclimated to going on walks. The harness comes with buckles that allow you to snap it in place making it easy to put on.


Rating – 4/5



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Voyager Soft Harness for Cats


  • The Voyager Soft Harness for Cats is soft, durable, and stylish all in one. This harness sits gently on your cat’s chest. It is designed to be extremely safe by having what they call safety points. It combines velcro, buckle and double D-ring leash attachments points. This is definitely the safest harness on our list by far. It is perfect for first timers to veterans as this harness is great all around. If you’re looking for a harness that is safe and comfortable for your pets than this is it. Not to mention it is also machine washable


    Rating – 5/5



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Benefits of Using a Cat Harness


Indoor cats are more prone to obesity for obvious reasons. Walking is a great way of getting active for cats and can lead to a very healthy lifestyle as your cat grows old.

Building a Relationship

This is something that a typical indoor cat would not experience. As taking your cat for a walk is not a traditional thing to do. This increase bonding time between you and your cat is a great way to build trust and companionship.

Mental Stimulation

Cats very much enjoy hearing smelling, seeing and just experiencing the world around them. Have you ever seen your cat stare out the window in astonishment? Or maybe you’ve seen your cat run to the window when it hears a bird chirping. This is because cats are naturally curious creatures. They are infinitely curious about the environment around them. Taking your cat for the occasional walk could open doors for it mentally.

Reduced Stress

Taking your cat for a walk has been known to greatly reduce stress in cats. Walks help your cat burn energy and gives its a chance to experience new smells, sights, and sounds which induce a heightened level of mental stimulation.

Other Cat Harness Uses

There is more to cat harness than just taking your cat for a walk.  A cat harness will help you as a pet owner in multiple ways and instances. Let’s say for example you are traveling with your cat somewhere. Having a harness on your cat will allow you to keep it under control at all times. If your cat tends to be very skittish and shy when you take it to the vet having harness will allow you to control the situation and limit your visit time.

Cats are known for being very delicate around the neck area so using a common cat leash could be catastrophic for your cat(no pun intended). Not only can you cause serious harm to your cat by using a cat leash your cat also has a great chance of slipping out and escaping. This would also undoubtedly spook your cat which could easily escalate the situation. A harness allows all of the pressure that is coming from the leash to be evenly distributed around the structure of the harness and in turn around the body of your cat.

A cat harness can have a plethora of uses and if used properly and in the right situations can keep you and your cat both safe and happy.

Picking the best cat harness

When picking a harness for your cat there are many different factors to consider.

Size of the harness

The most important factor in choosing a cat harness is pretty obvious. Making sure it fits! There is no pointing getting harness for your cat that doesn’t fit. A loose harness can be just as dangerous and if not worse than a cat collar.  A loose harness can injure your cat or even worse give him the chance to slip out and escape from you.

When picking a cat harness, it is very important to take a close look at the sizing guide as each harness is different. You should be sure to measure your cat’s body so that you know what harness dimensions you should consider. A harness that does not fit your cat will be uncomfortable. The harness you purchase should be close to your cat’s body without squeezing it. As a general rule, you should be able to place two fingers between your cat and the harness.


A cat harness is a long-term investment. Especially when considering that its an item that you will use every week more than once. Be sure to consider the materials that a harness is made out of before deciding on it for your cat. You should also test different harness materials to see which one your cat seems to like the best.


Cat harnesses are typically made from nylon or cotton. Both of these materials are known to be comfortable and cause little to no irritation or cats. However, each harness is different. Some can bother your cats due to their shape and or structure. A harness that is too bulky can be uncomfortable while a harness that is too narrow can also cause discomfort for your cat.

Cats Personality

It is very important that a harness not only supports your lifestyle and personality but more importantly your cat’s personality as well. If your cats are prone to getting into trouble and winding up places where it shouldn’t be, you’re definitely going to need a more secure harness. While if you cat is very docile and tends to stay by your side I’m sure you can go with a harness that promotes more mobility and gives your cat just a smudge more breathing room.


Types of Harnesses

Vest style harness

extra secure for cats who aren’t used to the outdoors.

For the most security when taking your cat for a walk you should consider a vest style harness. These are also known as walking jackets. Vest harness got their name from the popular clothing style. These harnesses are very similar to a jacket. Vest harness give cats maximum security making it the most secure for felines.

Vest harnesses are the best option for cats that have either never been on a walk outdoors or are still getting used to the walking process. Keep in mind that they tend to be much heavier and bulkier than the other types of harnesses that are available. If your cat is accustomed to going on walks it may benefit you to choose a slimmer less bulky cat harness. Another con of the vest harness is that they don’t work so well with long-haired cats as it tends to be a hassle keeping their hair out of the hoops and hooks.

Step-in harness

Promotes maximum mobility for cats

These harnesses are designed to be very easy to use. There are two holes typically where your cat can slide its two front legs into. They also work great for cats who prefer to not have object slipped over their heads. I know that many cats find can become restless if you try to put their heads through some type of loop. While the step-in harnesses aren’t the most secure option they do offer excellent mobility for your cat. If you cat is used to the great outdoors this may be a great option for you and your pet. If light weight and mobility are on your list than this might be the harness the for you to go after.

H-Style Harness

These types of harnesses are as basic as they come. The H shaped harness as you guessed by the name comes in a very simple H shape. The harness is wrapped around your cat’s body securely on both sides of each set of legs. This is not the most secure type of harness and is better suited for cats that do have experience outdoors or very low-risk situations for your cat. Perhaps you just want to walk your cat around the backyard then this would be a great harness for you. We think the H Harnesses work best for docile experienced cats.

Figure 8 harness

This harness adjusts to your cats’ movements. The farther away your cat moves the tighter this harness will get.

As the name might have revealed this harness is made from an intersecting web of either nylon or cotton. Most of the times these harnesses are made of cotton. Since the figure 8 harness squeezes your cat depending on its movements it can be known to irritate your cat. Even though this harness can apply a large amount of pressure, it is still relatively easy for your cat to escape from.

The pros of this harness are definitely that it is lightweight and some cats seem not to mind it. We would say it’s for cats who are accustomed to outdoors and have a calm personality. I would not recommend this harness type for cats who have not frequently been outside. A cat new to the outdoors could escape or irritate itself with this harness.




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